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About Me

Website Designer. Media Consultant. Founder Ocean Girl Project.

My commitment is to work hard bringing your site to life in an affordable and fresh way. I maintain positive business relationships with all of my Hawaii clients. In my spare time, I help local girls build confidence in the ocean. When not working you’ll find me at the ocean, in my garden, and eating at our fav restaurant, 12th Ave Grill.

My job is to make your job less stressful.


Website designing, replace unproductive sites, set-up social media, media consulting, and more…

website building, posting, social media, business design, manage, launch, simple solutions

It’s okay not to know where or how to begin.

With so many choices, most people need help starting their first website or determining how to refresh an outdated site. I offer sensible, timely and simple solutions tailored to you and your company. I am happy to be of service and to answer questions.

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